About the Cedric the Seahorse stories - of which there are now SIX



The Cedric the Seahorse stories are written to encourage young people to read and use their imaginations. The text is in easy rhyming couplets and all the books are fully illustrated with wonderful detail.


The stories use Open Dyslexic typeface to assist easy reading and can be ordered using this link.

In the first story Polly and her Grandpa go to their secret place to find their new friend, Cedric the Seahorse. Cedric is prone to getting into trouble but he is a good-natured seahorse and able to laugh at himself.


Book 1 - Cedric the Seahorse
ISBN: 978 0 9575673 4 4


Cedric is very keen to visit a Norman castle so the friends set off by train. Cedric insists on having a large ice cream and gets in a nasty muddle. He also very nearly flies away, forever, tied to a kite!



Book 2 - Cedric's Day at the Castle
ISBN: 978 0 9575673 6 8

In this story Cedric and his older sister, Glad, take the friends in a sailing boat to visit the sand-bank at sea where they live. After an amazing tea they climb a tall wooden tower and once more Cedric has a problem.


Book 3 - Cedric's Adventure at Sea
ISBN: 978 0 9575673 3 7


Grandpa decides to take Polly, Cedric and all the chums to a Circus. There are sideshows before the circus begins. Of course, the circus has clowns but the problem that Cedric sorts out involves Miss Lily van Tropp, the star of the high wire act.


Book 4 - Cedric's Circus Adventure
ISBN: 978 0 9575673 5 1







This story starts on a beach and then the friends visit a pier with lots of amusements. The chums move on to a special place where boats are hired out and they have an amazing adventure.


Book 5 - Cedric's Seaside Holiday
ISBN: 978 0 9575673 5 1







The latest story introduces Polly's friend Tommy. He joins the crew to sail to London with Grandpa and Cedric, where they meet other seahorses in the River Thames



You can colour or paint you own Cedric pictures too by visiting the

The stories can be ordered using this link.

Book 6 - Cedric's London Adventure
ISBN: 978 0 9575673 8 2