About the authors

Jim & Miggie Wyllie, author and illustrator, live and work in Suffolk, England.

They have both travelled extensively and share a love of animals, nature and the sea.

They sail the East Anglian estuaries in their yacht, Piper.


The locations for the Cedric stories are based on the area where they live and sail.

 photo: Clynt J Garnham  


Cedric was conceived by Jim, following completion of his Literature Degree, to encourage childrens' imagination and reading ability.

The books include the words in the National Literary Strategy for Reception and Years 1 & 2.

Jim loves reading his stories and also delivers Creative Writing workshops in Primary Schools. If this is of interest to you or your school, please see the Contact page.
He has also written several plays, mainly for children, which have been performed in Suffolk.  

Miggie is a professional artist, who paints in oils and mixed media, both figurative and abstract. For more details please see the Contact page.

Why not visit the Downloads page and enjoy the activities and colouring pages that Miggie has prepared for you.

Jim And Miggie Wyllie draw your attention to Project Seahorse for marine conservation.